You're Office is Where?

1365 Gatewood Drive Auburn, AL.  It's the headquarters for Embrace Church, but more than that, it's the place that over 50 senior adults call home.  That's right, our office is nestled right within the Oak Park Independent Living Home of East Alabama Medical Center.  

It was earlier this spring when Ken Lott, an Executive Team member of Cornerstone Church, first shared with us about the possibility of having an office at Oak Park.  My first response in the middle of our Executive Team meeting was a cool and collected, "Sure thing Ken.  We're open to anything.  Let's check it out."  But on the inside I was thinking, "What?  It's where?  Are you for real?  I'm not so sure about this."

But after a visit through the facility and meeting some of the residents, we knew pretty quickly that this was the place where God was leading us.  The doors continued to open and after some remodeling we made apartment 502, or what I like to call "Suite" 502, the new office for Embrace Church.  

 As usual, God does some of his best work in the most unlikely of places.  In these few months we have grown as neighbors and friends to many of those among "The Greatest Generation."  As we work next to and share our comings and goings, they are constantly teaching us how to slow down and appreciate the simple things of life.  Things like reading a book in the sun, a good rocking chair, Coke in a bottle, or a special date night out to Arby's.  One of my favorite lines comes from Mr. Webb, a 92 year old WWII veteran.  Most days I see him and give the usual, "It's good to see you today Mr. Webb."  And he replies back with his, "It's good to be seen!"  And every time he says it like he really means it.  

Our team is grateful for the opportunity to do our work in such a special place among such special people.  We look forward to whatever God has for us and our new friends in this unique season together.