Why Do We Blog?

Over the last two years God has really been working the practice of writing into my life.  I have always loved words but the discipline of writing as a way of learning and discovery is new for me. Sitting in carpool line with my journal and pen writing out ideas or questions or things I was processing has turned into a collection of blog posts to myself. And I am sure, like every amateur writer, I entertained thoughts of starting my own blog or writing a book. Yet the writing always just felt like it was for me.

But about a year ago, Jon emailed me and asked me to write a blog post for the church website. My first thought was “Wait, what, we have a blog?” and my second was “How did you know I had been writing to myself?” Obviously Jon didn’t know, but God did and offered me an opportunity to share some words beyond my own heart. That first post I wrote was about my daughter’s baptism but it was more about seeing her church around her that day.

Through this process of writing to myself and that first real blog post, I have realized the power of stories and capturing how God is working in my life and in the life of our body of believers. So when I was later asked to help facilitate our church blog and pull together a collective of writers to contribute to it, I immediately said yes.

I assume if you are reading this you realize that we have a blog. But indulge me as I introduce who is writing and why we bother to do this.

Our writing collective is made up of people some of whom write for us on a consistent basis and others who are guest contributors that write about a specific event or story.  I love the variety, the uniqueness, the perspective that comes from all these different voices. My favorite part of the week is when I get a new post in my inbox. It is like a little treasure that I get to be the first to see and ponder. (Quite frankly I all hope you are a little jealous of me right now.) Through each of these lenses I hope that we are weaving a tapestry of beauty that speaks to the glory of God and where he is working.

The question of why is a little more complicated. Of course there are the obvious generic answers of “because this is what every church does, it will expose us to more people, it’s a platform to connect people, etc., etc.” While all of those may be very true I believe we need to have a better answer to why than those. The why for me goes back to that first blog post I wrote. The church is the people who follow Jesus and while we may gather on Sunday or at other times, the reality is most of our lives we live without many witnesses.  This blog provides a place for us to gather stories of how we observe Jesus showing up in the world -whether it is at camp with our kids or a quiet whisper in our hearts as we work at a coffee shop or an idea processed on pen and paper in a carpool line. Stories, testimony, teaching, encouragement of how God is at work in his church (that is us) are worth collecting and sharing to bring light and glory to the Father.

So when you show up here each week our hope is that you find words. Words that are honest, authentic, inspiring, even thought-provoking written by people who are working shoulder to shoulder with you in our community to bring Jesus and his kingdom into the world.