My love of photography was born alongside my children.  I wanted to document every moment so that I would always have these memories frozen in time.  Thousands of photos and many full hard drives later, I find that I am always drawn to images that capture who they truly are. Not the perfectly dressed, posed, grinning at the camera type of shots but the ones that portray our life - imperfect but genuine.  A giggle, a determined frown, a gaze of admiration at their Daddy. These are the pictures that always make it into frames. 

 It is such a joy to photograph our church family.   When I’m shooting a service or event my hope is to simply help in telling the story that God is writing at Embrace.  This is often in wide shots of the location, the precious faces of the congregation, antics of all the crazy kiddos or even the smallest details of the day.  My favorite aspect of seeing our church through my lens is catching beautiful moments amongst His people.  The times where they are worshipping, engaging in the life of this Body and praying for one another.  These are connections that simply can’t be expressed in words.  


Photos contributed by Keightley Garnett.