WARNING: This Event May Cause Childlike Faith and Perhaps Behavior in People of All Ages


If you’ve been around our church for more than 5 minutes, you know that we just have something special going on that is hard to explain but is undoubtedly really, really good!

We are passionate people. And I will just keep it real here. We do some crazy stuff and exist in some unlikely places. But one thing is for sure. We listen to the Lord, and we move with Him.

And so out of a lot of this listening to the Lord and examining the beautiful family he is growing us into, we as a church are taking a step into something new and different than anything we’ve ever done before. This summer, on the evenings of June 14-16, we are going to hold our first ever Embrace FamJam!

What in the world is a FamJam, you might wonder? Well, I’m glad you asked. ;) But perhaps what’s easier to explain is the why.

I read a book a few years ago called Playing for Keeps/Losing Your Marbles by Reggie Joiner. It’s a great resource for those who want to invest in the next generation and takes a much more holistic approach to this type of investment than I’d seen before. It matches so well with the heart of our church and our desire to form deep, authentic relationships that allow people to become more and more like Jesus every day. As many of us have seen, uniting generations with each other has great power! And in this book, Reggie outlines 6 things that people, specifically 0-18 year olds, but really people of any age, need over time in order to form these types of relationships and grow in this way.

TIME over time
LOVE over time
WORDS over time
STORIES over time
TRIBES over time
FUN over time

What you can obviously see here is that growth doesn’t happen in a snapshot, but over time. And so we are going to spend some time together…..with friends both new and old, in a non-segmented way. It’s something we’ve discovered that is a very real, valuable part of our church. Spending TIME together. We will have a chance to LOVE those in our own immediate families, as well as the other families we connect with through this church. We will hear WORDS of encouragement and truth as we, of all ages, worship together. We will make memories that create STORIES we will tell for quite some time. We will play, pray, eat, and just hang out in TRIBES that are day by day becoming extended families within our church.  And of course, we will have a lot of FUN, so bring your energy and your inner child!

Naturally, living this way over time means that this 3-night experience is just one piece of a bigger growth journey in our church. My prayer is that this experience will energize our church and foster many relationships that will grow deeper after it is over. This is something you and your whole family are going to want to be part of!

Our theme for this first year will be “Walk This Way,” and we’ll be digging into what it means to truly follow Jesus, through the example of Paul and those in the early church. We’ll together discover who God is, how we can see Him in our world, what it looks like to follow Jesus, and how we can know what He wants us to do. So mark your calendar, tell your family and friends, and begin praying for a beautiful experience together!

Details and registration can be found by clicking this link.