Finding Your Purpose

If I had a dollar for every time I pontificated my “purpose in life” – I wouldn’t need a purpose, counting money would be my new purpose. Yet in Christian circles this seems to be pretty common, similar to “Discerning God’s Will for my Life”.  While both of these are good things, and we should be seeking Lord’s will for our lives, I think there are more productive questions we could be pondering.

Q: What is my purpose in life?

A: Easy - our purpose is to love others, point them to Jesus and bring glory to the one who gives us life. We bring glory to God through prayer, reading His word, building community, serving others, loving our neighbors, and with our worship – to name a few. But all parts of our life can be used to make much of the Lord – not just the parts we see as spiritual. Everything we have, the places we live, the people we see every day, are ways to live out our purpose. 

A different and more personal question may be to ask ourselves about our ministry.

Q: Where can I use the gifts and talents the Lord has given me, to best serve Him where I’m at right now? What can I be doing to love the people I’m around every day and point them to Jesus?

A: The idea of your ministry, a uniquely you-shaped responsibility, will look different for each of us.

For me, as a working mom, this means I pray for the sweet day care ladies I drop my children off with every day; I ask them about their weekend plans and check back in with them on Mondays.

I have worked to push past awkward conversations to befriend international graduate students in the department where I work, inviting them to lunches, ‘Friendsgiving’, and church services.

I’ve dialed back on social media use because that too is a platform for ministry, and I’ve decided to be more purposeful in how and when I use it.

A friend once told me that her favorite bible verse is Esther 4:14:

“For who knows but that you have come to a royal position for such a time as this.”

It stuck with me, mostly because I had no idea what it meant. The more I thought about it, I realized that God doesn’t make mistakes; not on timing, resources, or circumstances. So instead of waiting until I have 2000 Instagram followers to talk about Jesus, I can do that now. Instead of hoping students will come and ask to visit my church, I seek them out. Rather than letting the morning hustle get the best of me and throwing my kids in day care and running away, I stop and invest.

God has not forgotten to give you a news-worthy ministry; He has equipped you to take THE good news to the people all around you.