Through the Eyes: FamJam as Seen by our 6th and 7th Graders

I have the great privilege of hanging out with the sixth and seventh graders almost every week. They come to our home, we share a meal, we talk about Jesus and how our lives can look more like His, and then we split off into smaller groups of boys and girls. There is a big place in my heart for these young men and women of our church. It was fun to see their excitement about FamJam, an event that Embrace Church put on for our church family this summer.  To see them there, leading the smaller children (and even us adults), was a very moving thing. Before the week of FamJam, I asked them to be thinking about some questions like how and why were you involved, what did you learn, and how do you think God is moving in our church. I hope you enjoy their sweet, genuine, and heartfelt responses.

Contributed by Kathy Myles.

"I was involved by playing the guitar in the band and I helped decorate the facility beforehand. I did a lot of practicing and organizing to make sure everything would be great! I also did a round up dance with our youth group to help everyone 'getup outta yo seats'. That was awesome and I loved how everyone really got into it! I had a great time and it was so much fun. I loved seeing God working in our church through games and group activities. I enjoyed the fact that we got to do activities in our tribes and that adults, as well as kids, could get something from them. I wanted to be involved because I wanted to share the talent God has given me, by leading worship and helping others to connect with Him. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I can't wait to see what God will do through FamJam next year!"    --Adelaide Sawyer

"I was involved with FamJam by learning dance moves for the start and end of the show. I learned that sometimes God can show you His ways in ways others wouldn't imagine. God can be seen at Embrace because we can help anyone who needs praying for in our church."      --Cooper Spencer

"I was the keyboard player for the Embrace Church FamJam Band. It was amazing! I had never seen God working in our church like that before. Almost all of the parents were doing the motions and having a great time with their kids. And we had five people in our youth group (including me) play in the band. I had no idea that our youth group had so much talent. I learned a lot about how to play in a band, and read chord charts because I had never done that before. I feel that the skill of learning how to be in a band could be useful in later years. I wanted to be involved because most of my friends were doing it and it sounded really fun. I really enjoyed playing in the band."  -- Breyton Hill

"I helped lead worship and did the starting songs with the rest of my youth group. I learned lots of tricks for singing, and I learned to always listen to which way God is telling me to go. I wanted to be involved because I knew from the start that I wanted to help in some way, so I was really excited when I got asked to sing and help lead worship. I know that I was helping others. I think that God is most definitely working through the kids in our church."    -- Anna Kate Hammett

"I liked FamJam because it kept your attention. FamJam also helped me learn about God more. I liked how I could be with my parents; it use to be I’d just be with friends. I loved the music and the acting. It meant a lot to me to see my church work so hard on this and it worked out so great. Overall FamJam was great!"   --Clay Ramey

"I was involved with FamJam by dancing and getting the crowd excited to be there with their family and their church family. I think it was important because it made people loosen up and be more excited for what was to come. I learned about God's plan for us and how we know what to do and how to follow God. I also learned (from the skit) about forgiveness and from tribe time the importance of working together and how we should donate shoes for people in need. I wanted to be involved in FamJam because I love being involved with the church and hanging out with my church family. I also thought it was important to be a part of FamJam because it was important to the church and my family. I wanted to help in any way I could, so I was glad I could help with dancing at the beginning with the rest of my youth group. I can see God working in our church because He gave us this awesome opportunity to hang out together in a new setting and worship together in a new way that could involve the whole body of the church not just individual groups."    -- Ellie Shumate

To see the more photos from the week, visit our Embrace Church Flickr gallery Photos provided by Keightley Garnett and Trudi Hawke.