No Peace. No Justice.

Are peace and justice so opposed,
that the state of either neither knows?
To be so far flung,
that a chance meeting, simple meanings,
is lost in translation.

Certainly, some would call for external peace
as others travel the hard road
to see the Lady Just in her reclusive, hidden abode.

Don’t be argumentative they say.
Check your selfish, petty, little desire.
That thing that gets in the way
like an 800 lb man eating gorilla.

Or maybe it’s an elephant
since we can’t talk about it.
Yet, those who ask for decorum,
are those who lose nothing for it.

And then of course,
in a matter of torts,
through the discourse others purport
that the purity of motive and action’s consort
is secretly but maliciously seeking divorce.

Should such a question plague your lips,
another can provide a quip.
Can it really be vain conceit,
when we fight for others’ keep?

Martin Luther filled with pride,
the pope an antichrist he claimed.
The consequence is still the same.
A consequence is what he made.

And then there is how we feel
when we talk of things that matter,
and others disagree and wield
sharp words that make you madder.

How can we take the Gates of Hell,
as the battle is ideas as well?
When a Facebook conversation
(with topics that sting like a yellow jacket that you cannot see)
sends our stomach a flutter and nerves to shudder,
as we sacrifice one another.

What is that we fear? What is it we hold dear?

Let it go. Let it go. Let. It. go.

There is but one thing to hold tight.
It is the light. It is that simple light.

As we walk into the dark.
For we must walk into the black dark.
The place where evil reigns.
And pays rent. For game days.

In deed and thought.
In misunderstanding
and pre-evolution.
We search for redemption,
and truth, and justice.
For these are what bring us closest
to perfection, in perfection, while we are

Are peace and justice so opposed?

No. No and no.

Because I know
that one begets the other.
Its peace of an internal kind.
When you can sleep with a clear mind.

When tables turn, people kneel, books are burned and we feel.
So quick! We feel.
But slowly,
the pain of moment turns to thought.
And its peace that keeps one present,
night after night,
as that moment turns oh so slowly.

So fight with peace. Fight in peace. Fight through peace.
For it is through peace that justice is found.
Peace, buried deep within the ground.
Within my inner, hardened core.
Where the candy coating has melted away.

When peace breaks free.
And drives me to you.
It is there that justice is found.

Not upon the first try.
Not the second or third time.
Not until our bodies shake
but peace stiffens our spines back straight.

So do not go gently, but go in peace.
Do not lie down, but rest in peace.
Do not bend easily, but move in peace.

And whatever you do, whatever you think you have to do,
please do not sacrifice justice for peace.
For you carry peace with you,
and you do not have to give up what you don’t have
for that which you do.