The Weight of the Word

I believe that the Bible is full of God-breathed words spoken to and recorded by His people. It is no doubt a historical piece in one sense, a spiritual account in another, and also guidebook for living. Unfortunately I have the ability to leave God right there on those pages, back thousands of years in history.  But truth is The Main Character is still alive today … breathing His words into our ears and onto our lives.

The reality is that not all of the words fall easily on the ears or on the spirit. There are books, chapters and verses of the Bible that are hard reads and I’d just as soon skip those parts.  Last month I did a Daily Devotional with Proverbs 31’s First5 App on the Book of Judges. Each morning I’d find myself racing through, dare I say skimming, the day’s scriptures to get to the reflections and insights because the recounts of the events on those pages were seriously heavy. Not even cross-referencing The Message version made these words palatable.

I bet some stretches of my journal have read just like it.

I shudder to tell you that I have thrown away old journals with words processing the hardest seasons of my life to date, for the simple reason that the words, written by me, were too weighty and too burdensome to carry again. Rereading those pages found me reliving those emotions rather than training my eyes to see God’s handiwork, to connect His dots. The revisiting was certainly more about me and less about Him.

I recently ate crepes and drank tea at a local café with a great friend and some crazy sassy chickens. While I love her company, and we actually do life together on a deep level, this was less of a catch-up, chit chat, “What’s going on with you and your crew?” sesh and had more the vibe of a serious business meeting. For two Stay-At-Home Moms with side jobs, this means we broke out our journals.

Honestly, in those moments I found myself coveting her journal. Not the beautiful leather exterior of it – but the pages on the interior filled with writing. Word after Word poured onto those pages. Strung together in sentences and phrases all scripting a story – The Book of Amanda, Volume II of II and going on III. But mostly I was jealous of the bravery I perceived it took her to write that stuff down in the first place; envious of the courage to put the hard and the heavy on paper with indelible ink.  The doubt, the wrestling, the questioning. And I’m certain there are some pages in there with tear stains on them. I confessed to her that I often struggle to write “it” all down because words carry so much weight. Her response to me was:

 “But what if the words take weight?”

I paused. Sank back in my seat. And took a deep cycle of breath to inhale this A-ha Moment.

Words spoken to His people and written in the Bible like “You are wonderfully made…” (Psalm 139:14), they take weight … the weight of inadequacy and second-guessing that an earthly daughter, mother, wife, sister, friend can often succumb to.  And words spoken to me and written in my journal like “Mine Does Not Have To Look Like Theirs”, they take the weight too.

He takes the weight.

Maybe no one will ever reprint my words in all types of beautiful bindings, millions of times and in every language, to be distributed worldwide. Even if it’s only for my eyes to look back and trace His footsteps in my life … to see where I followed in them, possibly times where our strides matched for a pace or two, and then also when His impressions were deeper on the walk because He was carrying me and my weight.

His words to us now are just as impactful and just as important as they were for the tellers of His truth then.

We are still His people. I am still His people. It is my Life and it is His Story.

He is the God of your days.
He is still ever present.
He doesn’t just exist in those pages of the Bible’s storied Books.
Don’t leave Him there.
He is for you. He is still speaking. And His words are for you. 
Keep tuning your ears to hear His instruction on your life.
Keep looking for the next guidepost in front of you along the path.

Whatever platform He has given your voice, be it on a stage, in a classroom, in a clinic, or on a blog, I encourage you to use it to keep telling His story, to keep writing your Book. He’s still the author and still guiding the script. And when the words get too heavy to pen, keep going, you are not alone in the story.