Do you ever feel like your life cannot get any busier? Everyone is busy right? It seems as if when you ask someone how he or she is doing, the response is often times BUSY! It is as if that is just the world that we live in these days, or maybe it is just the world that I live in.

However, the last few months have really felt like I do not have any free time. Work has been extremely busy, and I had no idea a nine year old and four year old could have so much to do.  On days that I do have some free time, I am too social that I cannot just rest; I want to be around our friends. With all that said, I am just tired. I know many of you have been or are this way to. Life is exhausting. Being a good parent, husband, friend, and employee is draining.

The trouble that this has brought me is I’m skipping time with Jesus in order to have time for everything else.  He gets some time on the way to work, and some time at night with the family, but I feel as though I am just fitting him in. Everything that I read in scripture pretty much points to that’s not how this all works. Jesus is supposed to be my life, and everything else is should revolve around that, but in this time, I have not felt that way. I know that Matthew 11 teaches me that I should come to him when I labor and he will give me rest. I read that his yoke is easy and his burden is light. In this moment, the question for me is how do I get there?

I have been reading back through that passage often over the last few weeks, and in verse 29 I have found a nugget of truth that I have been holding on to. He says to learn from Him. Jesus had the responsibility to live a sinless life, complete hundreds of prophecies, and save the world from their sin.  With all of that on his shoulders, he makes the statement that his yoke is easy.  In comparison, managing a hotel should be a piece of cake right?

How do I learn from him? What did he do, that I am not doing, to stay focused?  What I believe that the Lord has taught me in this time, is Jesus never lost sight of what his purpose was. When the wind and waves around him rose up, he stayed calm, because he knew Who was in charge. I know Him too. He has laid out a plan and mission for my life also, and in the end, it is eternity with Him. Why fret? Why worry? Why push Him to the back seat? My mission is with Him and for Him, and everything else can come after. When he is my Alpha and Omega then my burdens do seem light. Today I choose to learn from Him. Today I choose Him. I will view my obstacles through the lens of Jesus Christ, and see each of them as opportunities to show His glory. There I find rest!