A Picture of Grace

The story below was written in March of this year. For those of you who don't know my story, this article is a portrayal of the mess I was making out of my life. I heaped heart ache and devastation on my-self and much worse, my family. I let Satan burrow deep into my soul and convince me that there was no hope for me. It wasn't until I entered Brother Bryan's, that I realized that I was not alone in my despair. I had found solace in a group of seventy men that society and themselves had given up on. 

The chaplains would tell us "You have played the game of life by your rules and you have lost". I can tell you countless stories of the things I saw and experienced during my time there. I saw many brave men fighting their demons on a daily basis. Some would win that day's battle and some would lose. The ones that won did not fight alone. Doctors will tell you that addiction is a disease of the brain. Addiction is a disease of the soul. 

We try to fill the gnawing hole in our soul with whatever we think will make us feel better. We run from the out stretched arms of Christ searching for a better way. Fill in the blank for whatever your better way is. It wasn't until I stopped running from Jesus that I found true peace. I now know what joy and contentment feel like. I no longer wake up and beg God for me not to drink today. I simply ask the Holy Spirit to fill me up and let me pour into others. 

Last Sunday, my family and I were privileged enough to attend the wedding of a brother from the mission. It was only a couple of blocks down from Brother Bryan's, but it felt like a world away. I watched this young man take a huge step in his walk with Christ and in his own words "He felt like a man worth marrying". God will meet us in the most dire of circumstances and He rejoices when we call his name. He can make something beautiful out of something truly ugly. 

Isiah 42:3 "A bruised reed he will not break and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out". 

Please follow this link to read the article about Chap's journey called "Guys like me don't end of in places like this."  You can also read further information about Brother Bryan's and their mission. 

Blog post written Chap Womack.