Have you ever had someone really want your attention?  Someone that keeps calling you over and over? Or a child that consistently is calling your name?

Whenever I get in the car with my two children, it’s like a fight to see who gets to talk to me. When my wife, Leigh, is in the car it’s better because they have two options. When there is just one of us, it is like Fight Club in the back seat. They both are just waiting for an opening in the other one’s conversation so they can jump in.

My ten year old boy simply wants to tell me about his day, or ask some hypothetical question about which trade I would do if I owned a sports team. My four year old girl just wants attention. She usually starts with “Daddy what are you doing?” This clearly drives my ten year old crazy, which in turn creates WWE scenes in the back seat.

At times, it’s adorable, at other times it results in me yelling “No one gets to talk to Daddy today!” Clearly I’m not winning parent of the year.

On the days that I find it adorable, I think about how awesome it is to have two kids who really want to talk to their Dad.  Some of the most amazing conversations we have are in my car, as they ask questions about life, and God, and what they want to do with their life. I am able to share with them ways to grow, and how much God plays into everything that we do. These are truly special moments.  I realize one day that I will be the one vying for their attention and blowing up their phone just to hear how their day is going or asking my son which trade he would like to make.

Over the last few weeks, I feel like God has been reaching out to me, trying to get my attention. I find myself not being able to go to sleep and being drawn to pray and read his word.  I’ll be driving down the road and sense His presence all around me. In these instances I occasionally have some great eye opening moments, and sometimes it’s just like He is letting me know that He is there.

It’s been one of the busiest times in my life over the last few months and I haven’t been as consistent as I have in the past at spending time with my Lord.  Trying to figure out what this has meant has led me to a place of believing that my heavenly Father is just reminding me of how much He values our time together. Even when our talks are not deep, or there isn’t a big new truth He reveals, just having time together is incredibly important.

Perhaps God has been reaching out to some of you as well. Maybe he is trying to share with you some life changing message. He definitely does that. However, you might also consider the possibility that maybe your Abba Father is simply wanting to spend some time with you. He loves you, and came from Heaven to Earth because of this love. Try to recognize these moments, and don’t blow them off as a coincidence or even a frustration, but as a really big God who cares.