Immeasurably More: Launch {video}

“… And it’s from that heart that was birthed our mission of joining Jesus to embrace people and empower disciples. 

As we have been embodying this mission, we’ve seen the love of Jesus break in to awaken, and redeem and restore people’s lives all around us.  

We’ve seen people set free from shame, and fear and addiction. 

We’ve seen families find community. 

And marriages restored.

And children and students find their true identity in Christ. 

We’ve seen new believers come to know Jesus for the first time in their lives.

We’ve seen people grow as disciples, learning to hear from God for themselves. And following in obedience and living out the Gospel in ways they never imagined.

And while this has all been unfolding in beautiful ways among us, God has planted a longing deep in the heart of Embrace Church for immeasurably more. …”


Immeasurably More: Launch