Immeasurably More: Jacob & Aime Johnson {video}

“Once the triplets were born, just the outpouring that we received… of just coming and holding babies, feeding, doing a load of laundry. We had a Small Group that adopted us and provided a meal once a week for the first year of their life. And it sounds like that’s not much of anything, but we knew that that was one meal we didn’t have to think about. It was such a blessing to us. And I can’t repay everything that people did for us. I tried to keep a list and it just ... I just lost track after a while, just because of the… the outpouring that we felt from this church.

I think for me it was … it was very humbling as well, just not needing to be the perfect family when people came to help. You know, welcoming others into our brokenness. Here’s the messy house and the stacks of laundry and the stuff that needs to be done … and nobody was put-off by that.

And that speaks volumes to the character of this church and the mission of this church.”

Immeasurably More: Jacob & Aime Johnson