Immeasurably More: Rachel Morrell {video}

“So I came to Embrace in January ‘16 just after I had gotten back from studying abroad. I knew a couple of people who were already going, so I felt comfortable asking to attend. I mostly was just going to make new friends... hopefully get some social interactions out of it, and it kind of ended up being much more than I could have ever expected.

I grew up in a Jewish family. And I was bat mizvahed when I was 12. And that’s kind of how I was planning on living the rest of my life. And so when I started coming to Embrace, and I started hearing these things about Grace and Forgiveness and Kindness and Love. It hit home to me. And it hit me right in the heart because it was all of the things I had been looking for. And I was finally hearing them in this context.

So after being at Embrace for a little while I started to feel more empowered to really integrate myself into the church. And one of the biggest moments that that happened in was, one day Josh was preaching on … it was when Jesus was nailed to the cross. And I just specifically remember him looking at the crowd and saying ‘There was a man. And he was nailed to a cross and he forgave everybody for it. So why can’t you forgive others?’ And it filled up my heart… “

Immeasurably More: Rachel Morrell