Tell Others

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
 in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6 NIV

Last fall, I unexpectedly found myself looking for a job. I prayed and had family and friends praying for a job for me, also. Learning of an available position with a small firm, I applied and was granted an interview. Days later, the owner of the company offered me the job. Even though I felt an immediate stirring to pray about this opportunity when he called to offer me the job, I didn’t. I accepted it on the spot and jumped head first into this new role.

Within a very short time, it became apparent that this was not the right place for me to work.

Less than two weeks later on Thanksgiving night, after the feast was over and the kitchen tidied at my sister’s mountain home where I’d gone to celebrate, I fell to my knees next to my bed in anguish. That morning, I had remembered that I had not prayed about whether I should take this job. I felt this need to confess to the LORD that I’d gone before Him and I was sorry for not heeding that urging to pray. Although, I had friends tell me that I’d prayed for a job and then here was this job, so of course, I would take it, I knew in my heart that I should’ve prayed first. I’m someone who prays often and for so many people and situations. What happened here? Why didn’t I pray about this?

I made my way to one of my favorite places shortly before I left to return home. There is a chapel on the top of the mountain just steps from my sister’s home. I’ve spent precious time with the LORD there over the past eight years. I was so grateful to be able to go to Him in this sacred place when I desperately needed to know what to do now.

Y’all, I literally walked through an actual cloud to get there, and yes, that is as amazing as it sounds! I approached that holy space already in awe of the majesty and wonder of God that I’d experienced on my walk.  I sank to the floor of the chapel and asked the LORD for His direction. He very clearly told me to leave this job and that He would provide for me.

Driving home on Sunday, my burden was lifted. I had spent time with the LORD and heard what His plan was for me. I felt that peace that comes when we are abiding in Him and placing our trust in His sovereign leading for our lives. That peace felt SO good!!

Although It could’ve felt irresponsible leaving a job without having another one, it actually felt like I was finally where I was supposed to be, when I walked in Monday morning and resigned.

Weeks went by and then an amazing opportunity came to me. After several conversations with the director, it was staring to look like I was going to be offered this position. This time, I prayed before the position was offered to me. Falling on my knees again, I sought the LORD and asked Him if I should accept this job. He said “I want you to take the job. It’s my plan for you. Thank you for seeking me. Tell others.”

A short time later, I was indeed offered this position and gladly accepted it, knowing that this was the LORD’s will for me. I’ve been there two months now and love my job more as each week passes.

Initially, it was hard wondering if I’d brought pain on myself needlessly and wondering why I hadn’t stopped to pray when I knew I should have. Giving myself grace, though, I chose to not spend much time thinking about that knowing it wasn’t good for my soul.

Instead, I chose to think about what the LORD taught me through that experience. I’d been humbled by my failure to pray when I knew I needed to. And, I truly needed to be humbled and feel the remorse of being disobedient.

This experience was a reminder to me to remain tethered to the LORD and walk so closely with Him that I don’t assume I know what I should do. No, I need to always turn to Him for His direction.

For years, I have been in awe that we can turn to GOD when we need His help and He will lead us where He wants us to go. We don’t have to try to figure it out – we just need to humbly seek Him and He will direct our paths. I have no words to express how thankful I am that He does this for us.