3rd-5th graders are at somewhat of a “halftime” in their childhood. Parents have had roughly the same number of years with them so far as they have remaining until they graduate from high school. And for the first half of their lives, parents are the largest voices of influence in their kids. The things their parents believe and the way they live is seen as normal life to a child. At halftime, a shift happens. Children begin to hear voices outside of their families at a volume greater than that of their parents, and this volume only increases throughout their preteen and teenage years.

At halftime, you might hear your child ask, “What does that mean?”
“Why do we do that?”or “Why don’t they do that?”
in regards to things like baptism, communion, prayer,
and gathering on Sunday mornings, among other things.


This is the perfect time for us to define and explain some of the practices that we as their parents and their church have adopted as part of our life. It’s a chance to help kids take the truths, values, and ways of life their family upholds and integrate them with outside voices and influences, so that ultimately we can help our kids grow into the adults we dream of them becoming.

As a church, we can do this together! And so we are opening up a landing place for 3rd-5th graders along with their parents to have some conversations about some anchor practices of our faith.

Together we will dive into 3 big questions:
”What does it mean to follow Jesus?”
”What is baptism?”
”What is communion?”

If you are a parent still trying to make sense of these ideas yourself, or if you feel solid personally on these but find yourself a bit lost on how to communicate in a way your child understands, or even if you just see the value in walking through these things together in community with others, this is for you! It will be a casual experience of exploration through conversation and even a few games and art activities—no boring lectures, no “altar call,” and no next step at the finish, other than opening doors for more age-appropriate faith conversations between kids and their parents in the coming years.

March 24th, March 31st, and April 7th
4:45-5:45 p.m.
697 Cotswold Way, Auburn

We do ask that each child, along with at least one parent, plans to attend all 3 sessions if you register, as we value the community that is formed through an experience like this, and there will be a bit of building from week to week. Our intention is to make this an annual practice each spring for 3rd-5th graders.


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