We believe that children’s faith grows best when individual families and the church partner together to have influence on each child. Because of this, there are some specific ways that you as a parent can make your home a place where children grow deeper into the truths they learn with their church family on Sundays.



Your child has two consistent small group leaders who meet with your child on alternating Sundays. These leaders want to know your child and your family, not just on Sundays, but throughout the week. Get to know your child’s small group leaders, and let them know when there’s something significant happening in your child’s or family’s life. Not sure who your child’s small group leaders are or how to get in touch with them? Email Beth Cofield at beth@hisembracechurch.org to find out.



Each month in the Road, and each week in the Harbor, we send home a “Parent Cue” to let you know the memory verse, Bottom Line, and Bible story that your child is learning about. It also has suggestions on it for ways you can reinforce this with your child during the everyday times you interact with them like meal times and car time. Make sure you pick one up on your way out of the Embrace Kids spaces on Sundays. Leaders will usually remind you or hand them to you without prompting, but don’t be afraid to ask for them!


Kids in The Road receive a devotion sheet each week containing 4 days of devotion times that will reinforce the month’s life app and/or week’s Bible story. This is a great way to introduce your child to the spiritual practice of spending daily time with God. With the exception of instructions needing to be read to kindergarten-1st graders who are still learning to read, children should be able to complete these independently. And each week, if you sign that they’ve completed them, they can bring them back to be entered in a drawing for a prize at the end of the month. The more weeks they complete, the more entries they have in the drawing!


The Parent Cue app can be downloaded on your phone or tablet for access to many of the resources we share with your children on Sundays. You’ll be able to see suggestions for reinforcing the Bottom Lines and Bible stories during everyday times like meals and car time.

For Embrace Kids in the Harbor, you can listen to the song for the month or watch the video version of the Bible story for the week. We show this video each week on Sunday as well, so it’s great for if you miss a Sunday, or just for the repetition that this age group loves. Your kids are guaranteed to sing along with the songs from Ollie’s clubhouse!

For Embrace Kids on the Road, you can listen to a song that reinforces the month’s life app or watch two different versions of the Bible story from the week. One is a cartoon format, and one is basically biblical sketch comedy. These are useful for if you’ve missed a Sunday or to give kids the story from a different angle than they heard in the live teaching on Sunday. The videos are so great that some weeks we use one of them as our main teaching on Sunday morning! The short “Hang Time” videos, which we show on Sundays, also give very practical applications for our monthly life app in kids’ everyday lives.  Click here to download the app.