Administrative Assistant (volunteer staff position)

We’re growing! Embrace Church is looking to appoint an Administrative Assistant. This unpaid position will require around 15 hours per week of mostly work-from-home duties. One exception is the Monday Morning Staff Meeting (9:30-12:00am) where all hands are needed at the Church office. A clear commitment to the vision, values, and beliefs of Embrace is a must. This new position is a work in progress, but we think that primary responsibilities will include:

  • Database Administration

  • United Methodist Church Reporting

  • Church-Wide Special Mailings

  • General Support

Database Administration

The person in this position will need to be discreet and detail oriented as they will be required to manage the online database tool, Church Community Builder (CCB). This tool is our one-stop operation for managing demographic data on families. These data include elements such as contact information, baptism dates, member statuses, visitors, attendees, and new births. Complete and accurate information is vital is it is used in analysis, reporting, and planning. This position will require an eye for organization and a knack for a computer mouse.

United Methodist Church Reporting

We report statistics to UMC each January from the previous year. They are interested in things like our membership audit. So the new administrative assistant will need to stay on top of the CCB database and other data gathering tools to help ensure consistent and accurate reporting. Each fall we organize for the UMC Charge Conference. There is some paperwork involved and this person will be the go-to for that.

Church-Wide Special Mailings

Communication is key - and Embrace sends mailings all the time. Snail mail goes out from time to time and includes financial updates, contribution statements, Immeasurably More updates and more. Post mail is generally reserved for folks that call Embrace home and are a part of that all-important CCB database. Email is more of a blast to everyone but it’s just as important. The big one here is “Embrace Happenings” which needs to be generated, and proofed for accuracy and consistency.

General Support

Everything else falls under general support. The new assistant will support the Lead Pastor on projects and initiatives. Organizing things like baptisms and membership are common. There is mail to distribute to the various teams and other leaders, too. Any printing (connect cards, Open Table books, comment and signup cards) will also be coordinated by this person. The church office at Oak Park is a working office with full-time staff every day. They go through office supplies just like any office. Keeping up with needs and re-stocks will need to be coordinated through this new assistant.

So there’s a lot to keep up with. As we continue to grow, and with a building in our future, these duties are sure to continue to shift and expand. So some flexibility going forward is helpful. Contact the Church office for details or to set up an interview!