1. Where is the prayer room be located and how will I gain access? The prayer room will be located in our Oak Park Office at 1365 Gatewood Drive, Suite 502. Upon reserving a time in the prayer room you will receive an email with specific instructions on locating the office in the building and how to gain access. You will also receive a final email reminder one hour prior to your reserved time.

  2. Can I sign up for a time and just pray from my own home or another place? Of course we can meet with God anytime and anywhere. But there is something powerful about stepping into a single space where people have been praying day and night before and after you.

  3. Will I be alone during this prayer time or will other people be joining me?
    Whenever you book the prayer room it will be reserved exclusively for yourself. Our hope is to offer each person a safe, uninterrupted space to pray and meet with God. But you are also free to invite a friend or spouse to join you in this prayer time.

  4. Can my kids come and pray along with me? Of course! We actually want kids involved in this process as they are able and believe that God is faithful to speak both to and through them. There will be a number of experiential based ways for them to engage in prayer.

  5. A whole hour? I've never prayed that long before in my life! How am I going to do that now? We learn to pray by praying. Trust that the Holy Sprit will guide and lead you during this time. Also know there will be a number of intentional ways to experience and meet with God (meditating on specific Scriptures, guided journaling, engaging with art, etc.) By the end you will be wondering how it went so fast - and probably looking to sign up for another time.