Through Embrace Kids on the Road, we seek to equip and empower school-aged kids for a life as Jesus intends for us to live and to welcome them home to the Father’s love as they discover their need for Him.



Through our computerized check-in system, each child receives a nametag sticker each Sunday that includes a unique alphanumeric code. Parents receive a tag with the corresponding alphanumeric code and use this to pick up their child after worship, ensuring safe return of each child to the correct parent. Only a parent or other trusted adult (not a child or youth) may be the one to use this tag to pick up your child.

We ask that all children finish any food or drinks and leave any personal items at home or with their parents before entering the space.

Should a need arise with your child, this same alphanumeric code will be displayed on the screen in the worship space to notify you to report to the Road in order to address your child’s need.

Be sure to let us know at check-in if your child has any allergies or special needs so that we may notify their leaders of the best ways to accommodate your child in our environment. 


Kindergarten-5th graders, along with their leaders, participate each week in a worship service suited just for their age range and attention span. Lasting about 30 minutes, kids sing songs of worship, pray, learn a memory verse each month, and hear a 10-15 minute age-appropriate message using a Bible story or scripture passage that reinforces a given “life app” for the month. Each month’s life app is a character trait to help children grow to become more like Jesus and internalize this age group’s three basic truths: I can trust God no matter what. I need to make the wise choice, and I should treat others the way I want to be treated.



Each child in kindergarten-5th grade is placed in a consistent small group containing up to 12 children, along with two small group leaders who meet with children on alternating weeks. Groups are made up of either kindergarten-1st graders, 2nd-3rd graders, or 4th-5th graders. Some younger groups have a few middle-school youth helpers as well.

Kids connect with their small group leader right when they arrive on Sundays and are given choices of some activities to build community among other kids and leaders in their age range and give a teaser of the day’s Bible story.

Following large group worship time, kids spend time with their small group to review the day’s Bible story, practice the memory verse for the month, pray, and participate in some activities to reinforce the “life app” of the month. On occasion, we do have edible items involved in our Sunday morning activities, so be sure to make your child's small group leader aware of any allergies your child has.