This well-respected day camp for kids, that is run by the Chick-Fil-A Foundation, is coming to Auburn June 24-28. Winshape strives and has proven to bring in a team of excellent leaders for one week of the summer to provide a high-quality camp experience for kids from all walks of life, setting up an experience that allows kids to have fun, expand their skills, and meet with Jesus in a fresh and exciting way. 

The Winshape experience requires many local people to make investments of time and resources, as well, in order for this to happen. Here are some practical ways you can support the effort this year.



Have a favorite sport or hobby? There’s probably a skill track at camp that correlates with it, and you can spend time teaching kids how to do it. Want to talk with kids about their faith? There’s a place for that! Not into any of this, but willing to serve leaders behind the scenes with prep work, medical needs, or receiving guests? We need that too! Winshape requires volunteers to commit in half day chunks. So you can sign up for any chunks that you are available during the week (i.e. just Monday and Tuesday morning, or just Wednesday afternoon, or all day Tuesday and Thursday, etc.). Adults and youth who have completed 9th grade and up are eligible to volunteer.



Embrace Church is providing breakfast for the Winshape staff on Wednesday morning, June 26th. If hospitality is something you care about and you’d like to help with this, contact



Volunteers at camp are able to bring their children younger than kindergarten along to play in a nursery area while they volunteer. We need people to care for these little ones. If you’re interested in participating in this way, contact


After lunch on Wednesday, June 26th, kids will be given an opportunity to talk one on one with an adult about their faith. If you feel confident about these conversations and would like to be a part of this, contact



Staff and volunteer brown bag lunches are prepared at Cornerstone Monday through Thursday mornings of camp. You may contact if you’d like to be a part of this.

It’s also not too late to register kids from completed 1st-8th grade for camp. There is currently a waiting list for completed kindergarteners.